8 Day Nosarananda Restorative Yoga Retreat

Get in touch with your inner awareness and connect with nature in lush, cooler temperatures and the juicy jungle. Achieve restoration through meditation and cultivation. Learn techniques to heal the nervous system and the brain, to deepen your yin practice. 

Enjoy 90-minute daily restorative yoga sessions and 60-minute Yin practice in beautiful, balmy settings where you'll be stretched and massaged, cocooned and cared for guilt-free. Be blissfully taken away into the rainforest on guided nature walks and your choice of kayak or horse back tour. Enjoy daily veggie juice blends to cleanse the body and soul. This retreat is designed to make you feel relaxed with a unique river hydrotherapy and holistic massage treatment. Delight in nurturing your health and well-being, quieting the spirit, and pampering yourself in a Caribbean Zen atmosphere.

This retreat price includes all meals, 7 nights of accommodation, daily restorative and yin yoga sessions, your choice of kayak or horse back tour, guided walks, river hydrotherapy, one holistic massage, and one way transfer from Nosara or Liberia.

What is included

  • Accommodation
  • Airport Transfer
  • Excursion
  • Meals
  • Spa

Meet The Facilitators

Venue   Nosarananda

Located in Nosara facing Pelada Beach, Nosarananda is a boutique resort with a secluded and semi private beach access under 5 min walk. The resort includes a wellness center with yoga and massage services. The villa has a balcony and a patio where you can enjoy the gardens and views of the tropical surroundings. There is a full kitchen equipped with an oven and a refrigerator. All rooms have full beds and private bathrooms. 

At Nosarananda, guests will find friendly staff assisting in organizing tours and local excursions. There are also grocery deliveries, on tap filtered water and laundry facilities. Nosarananda is located in an ideal location to practice surf. Additionally, guests will find tennis courts for an extra fee in only a 10-minute drive. The property offers free parking.

Come and relax here where you can let the peaceful sounds of nature sooth the mind and soul as you make you slowly soften into vacation mode in Nosarananda. Allow the salty air and beautiful scenery that Nosara has to offer take you away into one magical experience. The resort is located about two hours from Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport. Even in the center of Nosara, you feel ensconced in a jungle with tall trees arching over the undeveloped roads.



Nosarananda’s menu is specially designed to be as healthy as possible. Excite your tastebuds through juicing and eating raw foods made from organic ingredients. Delight in a daily selection of fresh fruits and veggie blends. Enjoy the flavors of tropical paradise with recipes that use the finest ingredients possible and are from family tradition. 

Nosarananda is highly nutrition-oriented and is easily able to accommodate dietary requests, such as vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free. Selection of herbal teas, natural drinks and filtered water are always available.




Rejuvenate, invigorate and let the restorative yoga retreat lead you through a journey to reclaiming and embodying your inner goddess! Costa Rica’s divine beaches and setting will give you an unforgettable experience on your voyage.

Lindsay DeAguila

Yovada - Voted best high kick!

  Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

The peaceful seaside town of Nosara is a world-class destination for surfing and eco-tourism. It is a perfect base to explore the magical coastline and hinterland of Costa Rica. Experience the joy of watching sea turtles lay their eggs, get face-to-face with exotic wildlife, try floating a kayak down a lazy river, or taking your first surf or paddle board lesson. 

The town is lined with healthy cafes and yoga studios and the community is an eclectic mix of locals and expats who have decided to call Nosara home. It is one of the few coastal towns that lacks nearly any development on the beach, meaning it is the perfect tranquil location to watch one breathtaking sunset.

The Nosara region is located on the North Pacific Coast of the Nicoya Peninsula, about 100 miles west of the capital, San Jose, and consists of five beachfront towns: Playa Nosara, Playa Garza, Playa Guiones, Playa Pelada, and Playa Ostional. The Ostional Wildlife Refuge borders Nosara and is the largest Olive Ridley turtle nesting site in the world. The Nosara and Montana Rivers are two of the longest in Costa Rica and are also teeming with wildlife. 

Just 100 miles west, Nosara is reachable from the San Jose International Airport and 2 hours South from Liberia International airport. You can also reach Nosara easily via shuttle, car, and buses. Once in the Nosara area there are roads and buses connecting the different beach towns.