3 Day Luxurious Winter Yoga Retreat

A private and secluded country-house in the heart of an idyllic hamlet in England, UK, Poundon House is the perfect location for a weekend away from it all. With a panoramic view of the beautiful countryside, you will experience a breath of fresh air and a sense of serenity as soon as you step onto these lands. With a welcoming ambiance, the house envelops you with warmth and tranquility - perfectly suited for Yogakutir's 3 Day Luxurious Winter Weekend Yoga Retreat. 

The days will begin with silent meditation, pranayama and a little mantra chanting. This will be followed by the morning yoga class focusing on hatha yoga. Flowing, traditional hatha yoga sessions will naturally open the heart and nurture you to a space of surrender and stillness. A typical class will include asana, pranayama, hands-on adjustments, guided relaxation, chanting and a taste of philosophy. Typically each class will last for 2 hours. You will then have breakfast followed by free time, massages and then the afternoon yoga practice. In the evenings there will be other activities that may include meditation, inspiring cinema and chanting.

The surrounding countryside offers an abundance of walks and the grounds offer many places just to sit in nature and read a book or simply be. There will be massages on offer in the free time, or curl up on one of the big sofas to read or enjoy an afternoon nap.

The cost includes your accommodation, daily meditation, all yoga classes and workshops and delicious homemade organic vegetarian food. Massage treatments are available at an additional cost.

What is included

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • WiFi Internet

Meet The Facilitators

Venue   42 Acres

42 Acres is a retreat space nestled within a secluded Somerset valley. It is located near Frome, Somerset away from the busy cities. Seven hundred acres of ancient forest encircle the main house, originally built as a dairy farm in the 1800s. Through centuries, being a property surrounded by serene and tranquil greenery, 42 Acres has evolved into an exquisite center for high quality retreats. This magical place has been designed to work alongside nature with its energy being sustainable and its decor coming from its very own land. Stylish rooms and bohemian dining await you with open arms. 42 Acres is luxury at its finest. Lose yourself in the mystical landscape, indulge in its beauty, sock in a bathtub and journey in the sacred space for a wholesome harmonious retreat.

Going by air, book a flight going to Bristol Airport where you can just rent a car. By road, you enter the county along the M5 from London or the Midlands, by the M4 or the A4 to Bath, the A38 through Bristol, the A361 which bisects the county, with a few breaks, from Frome to Tiverton, or the A37 which bisects it from Bristol to Yeovil, the mighty A303 from London, its gentler sister the A30 through Yeovil, the A39 if you’re coming along the seaboard of Exmoor.



With overall health and nutrition in mind, Yogakutir offers delicious and sumptuous vegetarian meals that are sourced locally. The fruits and vegetables are organically grown using only natural products to ensure that each produce is packed with nutrition. Experience the freshness of the ingredients from their lush gardens straight to their busy kitchens.

Healthy salads will be served with crisp greens tossed in organic vinaigrette, a perfect blend of sweetness and tang that will surely excite the palate. The meals in Yogakutir will introduce you to the many different ways of preparing unique and scrumptious vegetarian meals that will not only cleanse and detoxify but will also leave you satisfied. Being a winter retreat, plenty of warming, home-cooked comfort meals will also delight you and soothe you throughout the retreat. 




Escape to the beautiful Yogakutir yoga retreat in the middle of seven hundred acres of ancient forest for an inspiring yoga weekend. Steeped in history dated back to the 1800’s, this house has a wealth of character and a warm welcome. This 3 day winter retreat will make you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and inspired as you enjoy a luxurious little getaway away from the stress of daily life. Brighten your winter days with YogaKutir!

Marionne B.

Yovada Wanderer

  Somerset, England UK

Packed to the rafters with artisans, historic buildings, beautiful independent shops and creative people, Frome is a wonderfully vibrant and eventful town. It is the perfect destination for discerning tourists looking for something just a little bit different on visits to Somerset. A town with a charming historic centre, it has a wealth of architectural interest alongside a thriving contemporary and performing arts scene. Frome is also the original Somerset Market Town, a hugely important destination hosting a thriving market since the time the ink was still wet on The Domesday Book. This tradition continues today with regular markets every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Frome, Somerset is 35 miles away from Bristol Airport. Bristol is the local airport on the A38, and Exeter airport’s not far away. Even Heathrow is this side of London, and Birmingham International is easily reachable by road and rail.