6D Bagus Jati Detox & Yoga

Ubud, in the uplands of Bali, renowned center for the arts, is a such a wonderful place to discover. More than just immersing oneself to its rich culture of traditional crafts and dance, the surroundings in itself is a work of art. The town's rainforests, terraced rice paddies, Hindu temples and shrines are what complete the place’s majestic landscape which truly inspires the soul.

Be surrounded with such lush nature, exotic birds and magical views of tropical forests and mountains. Imagine a place where you are offered daily inspirations to live a healthier and a harmonious way of life. Join Bagus Jati’s 6-day Detox & Yoga Retreat. This program is designed to eliminate harmful environmental toxins which build up unconsciously in your system. This retreat will help clear stress that you may have been holding onto, as well as set you in the right direction for continued health and wellbeing. Detox is the essential first step in establishing a pattern of well-being and vitality, a pattern that should become a way of life.

For those seeking a change from the stress and toxins of everyday life, this is the package for you. It includes a special detoxifying diet carefully designed to cleansing purposes. Body treatments including Acupuncture and lifestyle counselling are also included so that you get the most out of your cleansing retreat.

The retreat package includes 5 nights stay at Bagus Jati, a detox diet program, 3 detox meetings with a specialized doctor, daily morning yoga class and afternoon meditation, 1 60-minute rejuvenation body massage, 2 detoxifying spa treatments, and complimentary water everyday.

What is included

  • Accommodation
  • Fitness Centre
  • All Meals
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • WiFi Internet
Venue   Bagus Jati

Bali's premier Health and Wellbeing Spa Retreat, Bagus Jati, is set in 5 hectares of hillside gardens amongst lush tropical forests in the mountains of Ubud, Bali, with the temperature at night will be 18-23 Celsius degrees. Accommodations consist of 8 deluxe spa villas, each with private spa facilities and 12 superior villas with wide windows overlooking the tropical forest. Verandas on both the Deluxe and Superior villas provide an excellent setting for a romantic dinner or just relaxing on the day bed. The newest room types of 2 bedroom pool villas and 2 one bedroom pool villas are available, each with a private pool facing lush tropical forest, and private living room equipped with entertainment set for your convenience.

A complete health and wellbeing centre, Bagus Jati has organic gardens and a gourmet restaurant which offer guests the true spirit and grace of Asian inspired traditional healing.

Bagus Jati was created with a vision to bring health and vitality into your life. We offer a global palate of world class health and wellbeing programs, covering: Nutrition, Detox, Yoga, Meditation, Stress Relief, Anti-aging Programs, Nature Trekking and Healthy Cooking Workshops.

There are regular public bemos from Denpasar's Batubulan terminal to Ubud which cost Rp 8,000, and take about an hour. Taxi is the easiest way to go to Ubud coming from South Bali. There are also minivan shuttle services going to Ubud from Kuta.



As a health and wellbeing resort, Bagus Jati provides the freshest produce, blended with fresh herbs and spices for a scintillating and unforgettable dining experience. 
The daily menu is specially designed to offer a wide range of dishes to suit a healthy lifestyle and to satisfy the appetite, and staff are always happy to help you with your specific dietary requirements. 
Most of the produce is grown on site, with Bagus Jati’s well-tended vegetable garden following strict ecological permaculture principles. 
A sample menu of what you may get to try during your stay includes: 
Breakfast - start your day with a hearty meal with tofu scramble with mushroom and spinach, bread basket with homemade jam and spread, coupled with a hot cup of coffee or tea. 
Lunch - munch on some delicious grilled eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes with balsamic dressing. 
Dinner - enjoy a delectable grilled fish in pesto sauce served with vegetables, sour cream and capers or have some Japanese tofu with lemon grass and lime syrup.




Cleanse and detoxify your body in this 6 day detox and yoga retreat in Bali. Bagus Jati has designed the perfect program aimed to give you the right treatments and counselling for holistic healing and developing your wellbeing on every level. Enjoy a luxurious stay in your spacious and private villa where you can unwind and admire the views of the surrounding rainforests; a perfect complement to your detox program. Clear and reduce all the toxins in your body and leave this retreat feeling like a new and healthy person.


Yovada Wanderer

  Bali, Indonesia

Bali is most known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs. The weather is fairly even all year round making it a perfect holiday destination. 

Along the southern coastline, you can find popular beaches and surf spots such as Kuta, Seminyak and Uluwatu. As you venture in land, you’ll discover Ubud, which is the gem for yoga and spiritual practice. Born to stardom by the bestselling book Eat, Pray Love, Ubud is home to many yoga centers, healthy restaurants, cafes and streets of local shops. The soft temple bells encapsulate Ubud’s magic with historic temples built on almost every street corner. Spend a few days in Ubud to appreciate it properly. It's one of those places where days can become weeks and weeks become months. If you’re here, don’t forget to visit the infamous Monkey Forest.

There are international flights daily to Depensar International airport from all over the world. And the best way to get around in Bali is by car service which you can organise ahead of time or right at the airport. There are plenty of drivers awaiting guests to the country who are happy to take you directly to your desired location with a smile.