7 Night Sports & Yoga Retreat

Lovina is at the northern coast of Bali, a sun-kissed coastline with friendly locals and inviting waters. Being a fishing village, the town is serene and peaceful, an ideal place for those who want to get away from the usual tourist sights and sounds. Puri Bagus Lovina offers this unique sports and yoga retreat in the northern coast of Bali, a perfect balance of action and relaxation for your time in the island paradise of Bali.

Spend seven days exploring Bali at your own time and finding balance, strength and flexibility with yoga sessions daily by the beach. One full day will be spent diving in the ocean off the coast of the resort where excellent diving conditions can be found. Balance the action with a luxurious Balinese massage at the end of the day. This retreat is for those who wish to experience a more active getaway, whilst still having plenty of time to enjoy the pool, beaches and time to unwind and relax.

This package includes a seven-night stay in the Puri Bagus Lovina Resort, daily morning yoga classes, one full day diving, daily breakfast including healthy vegetable juice, daily afternoon herbal tea at the poolside bar, seven healthy vegetarian 3-course set menu dinners, one hour traditional full body massage, diving equipment and a one hour facial cleansing using fresh homemade products.

What is included

  • Excursion
  • Spa
  • Pool
  • All Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Equipment
  • Air Conditioned Room
  • WiFi Internet
Venue   Puri Bagus Lovina

Puri Bagus Lovina is a beautiful resort located at Lovina's beach near Singaraja. It is a quite and relaxed area, right on on the beautiful and pristine beach. The resort is very modern and newly crafted, with a nice pool and lovely spa. It is a luxury resort, with a traditional Bali feel, that offers fantastic service to it's guests. 

Located in the private beachfront and built in traditional Balinese thatched roof architecture, Puri Bagus Lovina offers 40 spacious villas including two suites with private pool and dining room. This beautiful resort provided plenty of space between each villa for stunning tropical gardens to enhance your privacy. The guest rooms offer touches of old Bali, with large open-air verandah and customary open-air showers in the privacy of interior gardens.

Lovina Beach is a laid back 12 km stretch of coast to the West of Singaraja in North Bali. It is a welcome break from the bustle of the South. You can easily get to here by private taxi or bus from all parts of Bali, but it is a long ride from the East or South. It is around a three hour drive from the International airport. 



The food of Bali is unique and incredibly delicious, and the north coast is no exception. As part of the retreat package you will receive morning breakfast, which offers an American theme, yet also includes lots of local fresh fruit from the local area. You will also receive lunches or dinners as part of this complete package. The restaurant at the resort has fantastic fare, and offers both Balinese and International cuisine, including much local seafood from the area. You will find traditional dishes that offer a unique spread of local vegetables and rice, grown very close to the resort.

With an extensive menu, you should find more than enough to cater to your needs, but the versatile chefs are also more than happy to create something perfectly suited to your dietary needs. You even have the chance to experience a romantic candlelit dinner down on the beach, where the grill chef will accommodate your every wish. There are also numerous restaurants close by that offer great food and affordable pricing that you are welcome to explore and experience during your stay.

If you love the cuisine, book yourself in for a cooking class and take some of the flavours of Bali home to your own kitchen!




If you're into being active and sports is your passion, this adventure-filled retreat will be perfect for you! Gili Tepekong island holds interesting and challenging dive sites that bring in larger fish like sharks and sunfish. Gili Mimpang is the same, featuring turtles, tunas, and giant trevallies. Gili Biaha has a Shark Cave that never fails to amaze divers. In this retreat, you will get the chance to witness the underwater world as you become one with the aquatic life! Puri Bagus, along with Orca Dive Club, will give you the time of your life as you swim against currents and discover a whole new world underwater. This retreat is for the adventure seekers. This is surely  a trip you will not regret and forget!

Joyce C.

Yovada Seeker

  Bali, Indonesia

On the northern side of Bali, Lovina stretches across several villages and is known for its black sand beaches, and calm waves. The place is known for diving, snorkeling, and dolphin-watching are the main activities. Lovina is loved by nature lovers as it is home to pods of happy and incredibly friendly dolphins. Watch dolphins hop out of the water joyfully from the shoreside along Lovina beach in Bali. Admire the windswept turquoise water as it expands out across the bay and into the horizon. Sit back and relax at one of the top rated, and most beautiful beaches on the island.

Lovina beach is a much loved dive spot boasting some of the the most sought after diving sights around the island. Not only is there a plethora of sea life, from turtles to manta rays, shoals of colorful fish, and even the occasional reef shark, there is also shipwreck diving which is a hit with foreign divers.

Lovina is also enjoyed by those holiday goers looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of busy Bali east of the island in places like Kuta, in the main Denpasar area and escape to the natural beauty of these northern Bali beaches. Because of the place' calm atmosphere, it is ideal for family trips.

The place is accessible via bus, bemo, car, or taxi. Perama shuttle buses go through Kuta, Sanur, Ubud, Candidasa, Padang Bai, and Lovina. Bemos are for the ones who want to save a bit more. Of course, the most expensive means of travel would be taking a taxi. Once you get to Lovina, everything is accessible by foot.