200Hr All Yoga Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training

Since 2010, All Yoga has been proudly offering the highest quality teacher trainings and sharing their passion for yoga with students from all over the world. Specialising in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, as taught in the tradition by late Sri. Patthabi Jois, All Yoga emphasises the proper technique of breathing, posture and practice. In this training, you will also establish a firm foundation in meditation, pranayama, alignment, yoga philosophy, anatomy and ethics of teaching and practicing yoga. 

The programs offered by All Yoga specifically cater to your individual needs. The highly qualified and professional trainers are passionate individuals who desire to spread the joy and benefits of yoga. The staff provides you with the positive guidance and tools necessary to discover your own inner teaching voice and share it with the world. The teacher training fee includes tuition, accommodation and meals.

This yoga teacher training is held in Ubud, on Bali, Indonesia. Come and embark upon your yoga journey in magical Bali. Surrounded by breathtaking nature and overflowing with spirit and culture, Bali is the top destination for spiritual seekers and aspiring yoga teachers. Walk through the immaculate rice fields and feel the warm tropical wind caress your skin - immerse yourself completely in all of the sacred beauty Bali has to offer.


A minimum of 3 months of consistent yoga practice in dynamic styles such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Power Yoga is recommended before embarking on this course.

What is included

  • Yoga Props
  • WiFi Internet
  • Pool
  • Meals
  • Course Material
  • Airport Transfer
  • Air Conditioned Room
  • Accommodation



Learn the ancient lineage of yoga including the history of Astanga yoga and the eight limbs of yoga. Explore ancient texts that are crucial to yoga today including Patanjali's Yogs Sutras.

Ashtanga Vinyasa means connecting breath and movement during your yoga practice. Learn how to incorporate ujjaji breathing and bandas into your practice. Learn how to utilise a dristi point and find inner vision.

Explore standing, seated and finishing asanas of the Primary Series. Learn about yoga anatomy, modifications and adjustments and utilise proper sanskrit terminology.

Master jump back/jump throughs and inversions like never before! Explore with safety and confidence handstands, arm balances and floating. Learn how to fall safely and how to assist students with these trickier asanas with skill.

Kriyas are ancient cleansing practices that help to cleanse not only the physical body, but also the mind and emotions. Understand ways to control the breath with pranayama techniques and the mind with meditation practices.

Understand the various principles of teaching and how to use verbal, visual and physical cues in the classroom. Finding your inner teacher voice that is unique and personal with your teaching style and qualities. Understand ethics, etiquette and responsibilities of being a teacher. Finally, you will learn how to market your business and make yourself a successful yoga instructor in the real world.

Build your self practice with Ashtanga Yoga Mysore style, learn modified and advanced poses as well as rocket yoga and yin yoga. Explore various styles and ways of utilising yoga for different uses- to energise, ground or uplift. Deepen your practice to gain confidence in your own ability to share yoga with your students.

Understand what energetic anatomy means including the chakra systems in the body, the koshas, nadi and prana. These subtle systems in the body are highly important in yoga practice and the balance of everyday life.


Upon completion, you will receive a 200 hour Yoga Alliance accredited certification. Students need to have full attendance and to pass both written and practical exams. This certification allows you to teach globally.


7:30 AM - 8:30 AM
Kriyas, Pranayama, Meditation
8:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Morning Asana Practice
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
12:30 PM - 2:30 PM
2:30 PM - 3:00 PM
3:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Alignment & Practice Teaching
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Evening Asana Class
TIME OFF Azadi Retreat is your personal paradise. Set amongst lush green rice fields your sanctuary is only four minutes from the central village of Ubud. In your spare time feel free to relax in the lush grounds, take a dip in the pool or treat yourself to an on-site massage. If your feeling adventurous, wander into town and experience the cafes, shops, monkey forest and rice fields that make Ubud so loveable.

Meet The Facilitators

Venue   Azadi Retreat

From the moment you arrive, Azadi Retreat will be your personal paradise. Set amongst lush green rice fields with views of sacred Mt Agung, the venue is only four minutes from downtown Ubud, but will feel like a world away. Quiet, with gentle breezes and fresh air - you will never want to leave.

Designed as a place of comfort, the resort lounge is the hub of the retreat where you can relax, eat and chat. As your home away from home, kick off your shoes and lounge on a day bed with a book from the library. Make yourself a tea or coffee and check your emails or chat with your new friends. The infinity pool is the perfect place to relax around after yoga or between meals and break.

The yoga shala is set at the bottom of the retreat nestled above the banks of the river offering you beautiful rice-field and jungle views as you practice. With recycled iron wood pillars and floor, the shala has an organic earthy feel with its own sound system, yoga mats, blocks, straps and bolsters provided.

Ubud is located in the middle of Bali, and if you're planning on getting there via flight, you need to go to the Denpasar Bali Airport, which is located on the southern tip of the island. From there you can either rent a car or take a bus or taxi to get to Ubud. The distance is about 15 miles and it will take you about 70 minutes drive to get to your location from the airport.



Daily brunch and dinner buffets are included in the training for all students. You will fall in love with the organic restaurant and its healthy and delicious offerings. The menu consists of the freshest, locally grown, raw, organic and lightly cooked vegetarian meals. The menu is designed to cleanse and facilitate detoxification in your body during the course, while also nourishing you with whole foods to provide energy and stamina for your body. The food will naturally teach you about proper food habits and food combining to ensure optimum digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

A wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options are available and the talented staff can cater to the majority of dietary requirements.

Bali is well known for its fresh flavours and spices, for its locally grown organic produce and the innovative ways in which these ingredients are masterfully prepared to maintain the integrity of the nutrients. Feel alive and nurtured during your stay.




All Yoga offers a dynamic training for the enthusiastic student! Immerse yourself in a once in a lifetime experience, practice with some amazing teachers in a stunning environment. The thorough syllabus, dedicated staff and supportive environment ensures that you will emerge with a strong personal practice and all the skills required to step in front of a class and teach with confidence.  Enjoy all that Bali has to offer, meet like-minded souls and walk away with memories that will stay with you for life.

Jannica Klingborg

Yovada Enthusiast

  Bali, indonesia

Bali is most known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs. The weather is fairly even all year round making it a perfect holiday destination. 

Along the southern coastline, you can find popular beaches and surf spots such as Kuta, Seminyak and Uluwatu. As you venture in land, you’ll discover Ubud, which is the gem for yoga and spiritual practice. Born to stardom by the bestselling book Eat, Pray Love, Ubud is home to many yoga centers, healthy restaurants, cafes and streets of local shops. The soft temple bells encapsulate Ubud’s magic with historic temples built on almost every street corner. Spend a few days in Ubud to appreciate it properly. It's one of those places where days can become weeks and weeks become months. If you’re here, don’t forget to visit the infamous Monkey Forest.

There are international flights daily to Depensar International airport from all over the world. And the best way to get around in Bali is by car service which you can organise ahead of time or right at the airport. There are plenty of drivers awaiting guests to the country who are happy to take you directly to your desired location with a smile.