Indonesia  |  Bali  |  Seririt

4 Day Yoga & Ayurveda Rejuvenation Retreat, Bali

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


1110 USD  
Indonesia  |  Bali  |  Ubud

4 Day Yogi Inner-Journey Retreat, Boutique Stay in Bali

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


1011 USD  
Indonesia  |  Bali  |  Ubud

3 Nights Relaxation Yoga Retreat in Luxury, Bali

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


974 USD  
Indonesia  |  Bali  |  Singaraja

5 Days of Yoga on a Quiet Northern Beach, Bali

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


566 USD  
Indonesia  |  Bali  |  Ubud

5 Day Healing and Yoga Retreat @Boutique Resort, Bali

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


1160 USD  
Indonesia  |  Bali  |  Canggu

5Days of Spa & Yoga @Bali TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


499 USD  
Indonesia  |  Bali  |  Canggu

6 Day Simply Yoga Retreat, Villa Stay in Bali

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


835 USD  
Indonesia  |  Bali  |  Ubud

5 Night 'Cleanse & Purify' Detox @Green Heart of Bali

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


1157 USD  
Indonesia  |  Bali  |  Sukawati

6 Day Women's Yoga Tour Bali

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


2053 USD  
Indonesia  |  Bali  |  Canggu

5 Night Yoga and Surfing Stay in Bali

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


720 USD  
Indonesia  |  Bali  |  Nusa Lembongan

6 Day Discovery Yoga Retreat on Paradise Island

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


490 USD  
Indonesia  |  Bali  |  Uluwatu

14 Day Bali Wanderer & Islands Retreat

Nov 14 - 27, 2021

Free Cancellation*


1899 USD  
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Discover the Best Yoga Retreats in Bali

In Indonesia, Bali has so many options when it comes to it's range of fantastic retreats to choose from.

And what a place to get away and do yoga.

The land and the people are beautiful.

The temples and smoking incense offerings on the sidewalks remind of Hindu beliefs, their respect and kindness.

Their connection to spirit makes it a great place to spend some time.

You will find yoga classes and like-minded travelers everywhere.

Yoga and meditation, of all types and styles, disciplines and activities, are practiced at retreats in all the open-air shalas across Bali every day.

Yoga and Bali go together like the Bow and Child's Yoga Poses.

The yoga scene is huge here. There is so much going on in the way of retreats, schools and workshops.

One thing that's good to know is that there is a real trend here for Yoga Hotels.

This means you get the comfort and environment of a lovely hotel with all your retreat activities thrown in.

What standards of yoga retreats are there

There are a whole range of centers to choose from in Bali.

Most are all-inclusive, and are put on so well, and it is most well known for its mid to high venues.

But don't think that you can't find affordable and comfortable retreat centers where you can spend some time on your

yoga daily and immerse yourself in meditation sessions. And it doesn't stop there.

Retreat programs combine yoga with whatever activities you can think of, like detox, fitness, healthy eating, spa and massage.

Because it's a yoga mecca everything is set up to make it work for you.

What food is available

All retreat centers offer vegan, vegetarian and raw food menus.

And there is sure to be a cold pressed juice bar open all day.

Try out some raw food inventions. Bali is very creative in it's food.

Where to go

The enormous and awesome variety of yoga retreats in Bali make it a place you can come back to again and again.

Ubud, in the center of the island is the yoga hub.

It is a dream here, surrounded by rainforest and rice paddy fields dotted with shrines & temples.

With health shops and vegan cafes everywhere, and also an alternative therapy heaven.

Make time to visit the Tirta Empul temple in Bali. It's a natural spring which is considered holy. Purify the body & soul in the water with everybody else.

Next on the list for yoga here is Canggu.

Built up from a tiny village to be a favourite traveler hang-out.

Its convenient as its near the main tourist areas of Bali but far enough away to have a different vibe.

When to go

Bali dry and high season is June until August.

May to October see some of the best waves too.

Bali can be very busy in the high season and moving around and enjoying places can be difficult.

Consider before and after, April & May and September & October.

How much does it cost

Costs vary like with everything.

Depending on the package, accommodation and location.

Bali isn't the cheapest place to go to but it doesn't have to break the bank either. All types of yogis hang out here.

Top-Rated Retreat Centers

Puri Bagus Lovina, North Bali

Away from the tourist centers this beachside resort offers a quiet and relaxed place to chill out. Enjoy daily practice whilst taking a relaxing holiday on the beach. This all-inclusive yoga retreat is good value for money for Bali, take this approx. $900 option here -

8 Days of Pure Yoga Retreat on a peaceful beach in Bali

Blue Karma Resort & Villa, Ubud and Seminyak in Bali

Immerse yourself in mindfulness and your yoga practice in beautiful surroundings. Enjoy cold pressed juices and a lovely health food menu on your time-away here.

Fivelements Retreat, Ubud, Bali

This authentic, luxury and expensive therapeutic retreat center offers traditional Balinese healing and wellness programs.

Zen Resort Bali, Northern Bali

Retreats here can combine yoga with scuba diving, safari & excursions, and traditional Ayurveda with a focus on purification and healing on extended programs.

Adiwana Resort Jembawan, Bali

Stay here for detoxification, pampering and holistic retreats, where you will receive professional support, guidance and love, in all of the rejuvenating treatments and sessions; all-inclusive heavenly programs with life-changing results.

Chedi Club Tanah Gajah, Bali

Surrounded by paddy fields this exclusive luxury boutique hotel is a serene setting to relax away from any crowds and make the most of daily yoga and meditation plus the luxurious spa treatments.

Bagus Jati, Bali

Nestled amongst rainforest and rice paddy fields, with the peace and tranquility of beautiful nature all around you to support your immersion in one of the many programs on offer, with a lovely spa to indulge yourself, plus varied healthy cuisine options.

Svarga Loka, Bali

In this beautiful forested river valley this yoga retreat center offers seclusion to reconnect with yourself on one of the many detox and healing programs.

Komune Resort Bali, Canggu Bali

This relaxed venue has sandy paths winding their way between the wavey surfing beach and this trendy retreat center. You can choose to spend time on different activities here, on a host of different programs.

If you are looking for cheap then consider the beach area Canggu for retreats, yoga classes and workshops of all kinds, health food cafes plus great surf and beautiful sunsets.

Those looking for a more private experience may like to consider a women only yoga retreat.

They seem to cover all the activities & programs that are available in the wider retreat market.

You can find good-value yoga retreats all across every part of this beautiful and enthralling island, you just need to do some reading and searching here.

And they come in all types and sizes. You can choose programs with activities that suit exactly what you are looking for.
Whether that's spa, detox, fitness, surfing, or anything else with your yoga you may fancy.

If you are searching for a luxury style of retreat in Bali it's Ubud the spiritual heart of the island, with it's vast array of all types available; also be sure to check out the wonderful selection of health retreats.

Set amongst rice paddy fields, tropical jungle and a winding river valley there are some of the best retreat centers in the world here.

Live and breathe healthy living choices, yoga, spirituality and alternative therapies.

How long in advance do I need to book

Partners are very responsive here and will provide great information to help you make a decision. So if you are considering visiting this week or next then send an inquiry on the retreat that interests you most.

If you are looking at booking in high season in Bali (June-August) then it is advisable to plan and book your retreat well in advance to avoid disappointment.

The island can get very busy at this time of year. In fact the traffic and crowds can make it frustrating.
It is worthwhile considering visiting just outside of high season when there is not much rain to speak of and the crowds are at home.

Maybe April & May or September & October. It should work out significantly cheaper too.

So what are the best yoga retreats in Bali?
Retreat Start Date Price From
6 Day Simply Yoga Retreat Villa Stay All Year Round $699
4 Day Ayurveda & Yoga Rejuvenation Retreat All Year Round $1110
4 Day Yogi Inner-Journey Retreat All Year Round $811
5 Day Yoga and Healing Retreat All Year Round $1160

1. 6 Day Simply Yoga Retreat Villa Stay

Start your day with a yoga class and a gourmet in-house breakfast before jumping on your bike and exploring the local area.

You can choose to be as active or relaxed as you please.
Your retreat includes your accommodations, three group yoga classes, one private yoga class and one in-house massage.

2. 4 Day Ayurveda & Yoga Rejuvenation Retreat

Holistic wellness retreat to encourage relaxation, rejuvenation, purification, health, slimming and stress release.

The Ayurveda Yoga Relaxation Retreat offers guests a holistic wellness consultation with the residential Ayurvedic and naturopathic doctors.
Your wellness program is then adapted in line with your personal aims and goals.

This area is a uniquely quiet and peaceful environment, that is perfect for solitude and deep rejuvenation.

3. 4 Day Yogi Inner-Journey Retreat

During your stay, you will enjoy daily yoga classes to calm the mind, connect with your spirit and bring your body back into harmony.
Learn breathing techniques, postures and simple modern philosophy that will enrich your practice and everyday life.

Enjoy being treated like royalty with some of the most beautiful amenities available in this resort.

4. 5 Day Yoga and Healing Retreat

The retreat package includes 4 nights luxury stay, daily healthy breakfast with healthy vegetable juices, 4 dinner meals, daily morning yoga class, 1 session of 2 hours Rejuvenation & Healing Spa Treatment and 1 hour Organic Facial or Organic Hair Treatment of the Ayurvedic "Sirodha" treatment.

Enjoy traditional healing massages, refreshing facials, morning yoga to relax the body and evening meditation session to calm the soul.

Coupled with a balanced nutritional diet and detoxifying body treatments, amidst a nurturing and natural environment, you can be assured that your body will feel nourished and your soul will feel reawakened.